Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vietnam Expectations

In the 1990’s video Todd Skinner, Lynn Hill, and friends had filmed a climbing trip tiled “Climb International.”  Much of our travels are following in these legendary climbers footsteps.  Of most note they visited Thailand (Ton Sai/Railay), Vietnam (Ha Long Bay), and China (Yangshuo).  From the pictures in this movie and subsequent climber movies like Dosage III we are excited to experience Ha Long Bay.  In addition, so many friends have spoken very highly of Vietnam’s people and food.  I for one love Chicken Vermicelli (Bun Ga) which I used to get at lunch with my friend Madison at a spot where I was always the only Caucasian in the restaurant.
We hope it will be warm enough to do some deep water soloing and get in three days of roped climbing on the beach and at Butterfly Valley.

Last, the description of getting to Butterfly Valley requires riding a motorbike as it is 16 km away from Cat Ba Town.  Riding these bikes is supposed to be very easy in Cat Ba Town but neither Anja or I have ever ridden these bikes.  We are hopeful that traffic is reasonable for us to learn to ride them.

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