Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thailand-Railay-James Bond Island Day Tour (Day 49)

We got up at 9 am and headed over to Ao Nang to see the tailor and then to go on the famous James Bond Tour.


I grabbed a quick pancake in Ao Nang from this lady’s cart all built on a motor bike.  The tailor stop was a mess because they had lost power so they asked us to check back in 30 minutes.  We did and ended up doing a little fitting in the dark and then running to catch our tour bus.


The first stop of the tour was the floating village; really it is just on stilts but it was an interesting place.  Before the moving and tourists it has been a fishing village now mostly it is little shops and restaurants.  We stopped here for lunch and then went for a walk around the village.


The rocks above the village were pretty cool and since the village is isolated in the ocean you will see the cistern for rain water collection.


Here you can see the “sandbar” more like a muckbar the village is built on and the septic tanks.  I just can’t help noticing the sewage treatment as we travel.


The next stop was a limestone bridge.


Which we drove through on the longtail.  It was kind of novel.


The best thing though was all these Chinese people getting kayaked around but 1 Thai guy in the back.


After that we headed to James Bond Island and landed on the beach behind it.  It was a busy tourist spot.


The James Bond Island was pretty cool.  Quick blog quiz which James Bond movie was this in and who played Bond in it?  No googling.


A quick self shot pose.


After the island we headed to Monkey Temple which was inside of a limestone cave with a large reclining Buddha.


It was also a neat cave.


The monkeys were not allowed to go inside the temple so they gathered right at the mouth of the cave to beg or steal food.


The monkey’s get there food anywhere they can from a trashcan to a fruit tossed to them.


After that is was another 1.5 hour bus ride back to Ao Nang with a stop at the tailor.  Things were not still all right with the clothes and I was starting to get annoyed with all the trips to the tailor.

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