Friday, March 18, 2011

Thailand-Ao Nang-Suits, Drugs, and Work (Day 47)

Anja enjoying her favorite shake from the ladyman restaurant.  It was about a 1/4-1/2 cup of coconut milk, a cup of sugar water, and ice.  She loved it as it wasn’t too sweet.


Two days earlier we headed back out to Ao Nang to the tailor for our first fitting.  I was unprepared that we would have to come back for a second fitting.  This was turning into a hassle.  At the first fitting Anja was stoked on the blouse she had made.  It is always hard for her with broad shoulders and skinny waist to find shirt which fit well so she ordered 3 more blouses, 2 more dresses, and 1 more jacket after the first fitting.  I felt the suit pants they had made for me were too tight and although they looked nice I wasn’t that trilled about the fit.

3 blouses: 1,000*3=3,000 baht

Jacket and skirt: 4,000 baht

Skirt: 1,000 baht

This brought us to a total of 12,000 baht ($400) in stuff being made.  Keep your fingers crossed it comes out well.


We went back out for the second fitting.  They had my suit finished, and 4 blouses, 3 shirts, and 1 jacket for Anja.  One of the shirts was the wrong fabric opps and her second jacket wasn’t finished yet.  I guess when we had been in there we lots of customers had come in and the shop guy had gotten confused.

I was pretty impressed with Anja’s wrinkle free blouses so I ordered two shirts for 1,800 baht.  Anja also wanted another wrinkle free shirt and liked the fabric they got wrong so agreed to 700 baht for it.

Two shirts for Ken: 1,800 baht

Mistake blouse for Anja 700 baht; sixth blouse for Anja 1,000 baht

Our grand total is now  14,500 baht.


Drugs?  Well the little guy above has been living in my gut for a couple weeks.  I’ve finally nailed down it is giardia.  I’m going to prefer to think I got it from the Phi Phi bay scuba dive where I drank and inhaled a little water getting used to scuba diving and how much you don’t want to loose you mask scuba diving.  The good news is a quick 5 minute walk down the beach to the pharmacy and handed over 200 baht ($8) for 25 pills 400 mg of metronidazole and I was quickly on the way to recovery.  Definitely one great thing about travelling in Thailand no need to stress about prescription drugs just walk in and ask for what you want.

Anja spent the rest of the afternoon working at her table at the Diamond Cave Resort with her ocean view and coconut shakes.

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