Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thailand-Railay-Muay Thai Wall (Day 50)

We woke up and were officially breaking Thai law because we were overstaying our 30 day Visa.  We would overstay by 4 days.  We had read this would result in a 2,000 baht ($66) each fine (500 baht each per day).  We could have done a visa run for 1,100 baht leaving at 8 am and returning at 7 pm so we decided to risk it and not spend 8 hours in a van driving to Malaysia.  We had read at the Bangkok airport paying the fine would be simple but that we didn’t want to have a run in with the police while overstaying.

It was our last day of climbing in Thailand and there was one climb Anja had done in 2007 she wanted to try again.


We headed over to 123 Wall.


To warmup before we got on Mauy Thai so we got on Make a way 6B.  Behind us was a couple getting on Wee Sad the awesome 6a+ hanging down to the beach.  (We’d see them again)  I got the onsite of the 6b maybe my first 6b onsite ever.


Anja climbing the first bolt.


Anja high near the crux.


When we finished a short 5.8 was open to our right called King Cobra so we hoped on it quick.


I led it, then Anja led it and cleaned it.  As she lead seriously almost every bolt she climbed a Thai guide would walk by with like 4 clients.


By the time Anja got down the 4 people behind us when she started had turned to this.


The classic strenuous Muay Thai 6b+ did not have a line of guided climbers so it was time to jump on it.  I liked the looks of it so I tried the lead first…no go.  Anja tried to no more great success.  I tried again still no go.  Then Anja headed up and went for it.  It was a really tough move to a right hand pinch and she stuck it and clipped the bolt.  She knew she had it from there.


I top roped it and enjoyed the rest sitting on the stalactite.


At the bases happy with our last climb in Thailand.


After climbing we headed over to the tailor AGAIN.  Some of Anja’s stuff still wasn’t right so we pinned everything the way I would want it and told them we would be back tomorrow before we fly out.  Last chance or we don’t pay for it.


The longtail ride back to Railay with Thaiwand Wall in the background.


We got dinner at the indian place next door and packed up or room.  So sad to leave Railay.

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