Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vietnam-Cat Ba Island-Raining (Day 54)

We had schedule to go out into Ha Long Bay on a climb boat the night before but when we woke up it was sprinkling.


This was the view from our room.  You can see the wet pavement.  We went over and talked to the guys from SloPony and we said we wanted to push to another day which they were cool with.


We headed back to the room and set Anja up to work.  Just as she was getting working the power went out.  When I looked out the window lots of people where standing in front of the hotel looking up and left; that can’t be good so we headed outside to check it out.


A hotel about 6 down had a fire on the roof.  Luckily, these hotels were all concrete so I was less than concerned but we grabbed our valuables and electronics and went for a walk.


It was funny some of the restaurants here were almost aquariums with so many different fish and sea creatures.  This one had a little tub in the front with octopus. 


That night we ended up back at SloPony at the Good Bar for dinner.


While we were waiting for dinner I went down and talked to Slo about rescheduling the ferry.  Man that guy and chew your ear off.  We were excited that the weather sounded better tomorrow and we’d be out in Ha Long Bay what we had come here for.  The bad news was deep water soloing was a no go; 1. because it was so cold and 2. Slo said the tides were too long and you needed at least like a 2.5 m tide in for the water to be deep enough and to get on problems.  A critical note for anyone of thinking of making the trip to Vietnam to Ha Long Bay.  I’d check the tide charts and go when it is warmer.  It is all good though as there is enough roped climbing to keep us busy for our short stay of 7 days.

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