Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thailand-On to Railay (Day 34)

After lunch with Dov’s parents we caught the Ao Nang ferry to Railay Beach.  The ferry stopped in the bay in front of Thaiwand Wall.
We then transferred onto a longtail for the ride to West (sunset) Railay Beach.
The walk from West Railay to our hotel on East Railay was long but we got it done and checked into the Railay Viewpoint Hotel.  We immediately noticed a bad aroma of sewage fumes or trash.  You think I would be able to tell the difference of all people but with all the fish they serve here the aroma's get a little messed up.  After we got checked in we headed out to check out what other hotels were in the area which might be cheaper. 
When we got back to the hotel after an one hour walk around we were greeted by coach roaches; one in the bathroom and one on the bed on Ram’s bag.  We were definitely moving now.

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