Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thailand-Thaiwand Wall (Day 40)

Ram will be leaving us and heading back to UCLA to get back to work.  He had never been up on Thaiwand wall so Anja decided he needed to take a walk on the beach and climb through a cave to come out 1 pitch up Thaiwand Wall.  It was a nice walk down Pra-nang Beach and the cave is large to climb through.
We came out here which is pretty spectacular and rappelled down to the base for some climbing.  We got set to climb and as we did the rain rolled in.  Anja and I of course still climbed but Ram was having none of it.  Climb in the rain, nope.  After a quick trip up the first pitch of Lord of the Thais and a top rope we headed to West Railay for some shopping for Ram and then back to East Railay to an Indian food place.
Yumm, garlic Naan!
One of the most annoying things on East Railay is Ya-Ya’s bar.  From 10 pm til 2 am almost everywhere on East Railay you can hear them blaring reggae music so what do we do?  Go over there and get some drinks to check it out.

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dvdbrnco said...

the food looks so good! the climbing's not bad either. too amazing!