Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thailand-walk on Ton Sai & Work day (Day 44)

I’d worked on the manager and we were not honored guests yet but we got bungalow number 2.  It is awesome with some ocean views down to East Railay and 123 Wall and Muay Thai Wall.  Anja took the opportunity to work a little from our balcony.  Yes we were still only paying 1,300 baht ($43).


In 2007 when we had come we stayed on Ton Sai in the Dream Valley Resort bungalows but with Anja needing wifi and power all day to be able to work we chose to stay on East Railay.  Within the past couple years East and West Railay have gotten power from the mainland and with that came high speed interent.  Ton Sai is still the spot most climbers stay so we do wish in some ways we were staying over there but the all day AC is pretty nice.


The famous Freedom Bar in the background where you can belay while drinking a beer and order your second round.


Above the Freedom Bar is the classic climb Humanality which we did in 2007.



The climbing right off the beach.



We did the Ton Sai to West Railay Jungle hike which takes about 15 minutes and took us from Ton Sai beach to West Railay beach.


Back on East Railay we saw this funny way of transporting guest out from the beach to the longtail boats at low tide.  The ground looks solid but it really has this layer of nasty mud.


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