Friday, July 29, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Kasteli (Day 140)

We had made a plan the night before.  I was going to take Andy climbing and Anja and Kristen were going to have a girl time day.


It was a little exciting to lead with a complete novice belaying me but the climbing was so easy I just wasn’t worried about falling and was pretty sure Andy would catch me.


I got Andy on some easier climbs and he found out what climbing was like with out the girls around.  On the first climb he got up to the crux and said he couldn’t do it.  I said keep trying you haven’t even fallen yet.  He tried and fell.  He said he was ready to come down.  I said “No”.  This is when he realized it was going to be different climbing with just me.  After that I think he tried a little harder and got going and again and climbed to the top.


I think the first climb was a break through for Andy and he made it to the top of the second climb.  At the top of the third climb he said he was too tired so I just lowered and cleaned the route and we took a little break.



We did the last climb for Andy and he managed to struggle up it.


Before we left I wanted to do the 6a around the corner and I headed up it with a brief pause as I almost started up Pilar of the Sea.


When we got back to Massouri we grabbed Gyro’s at Sunrise CafĂ© with Kristen and Anja and then we all headed to the port in Pothia by Taxi.  It was 18 euros for the taxi so Anja and I joined them and saw them off on the ferry.  After the ferry Anja and I walked back to the grogery store which was opps about 5 km away.  After we got our groceries we caught the bus which was nice except you are supposed to by your ticket before you get on the bus so it had to stop at a little stand for us enroute. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Top of Telendos Day Hike (Day 139)

The four of us decided to go for a day hike to the top of Telendos Island.


We caught the ferry to Telendos just a 15 minute walk down the coast which cost 2 euro each.


The trail started by hiking up the coast of the island.


We missed our turn and ended up seeing the climbing sector Irox and we figured our were we were.


We found the trail up to these little church which was neat and unlocked.  I went inside and it was at least 15 degrees cooler which was a welcome relief from the heat.


The trail from the church to the top was far from clear but we made it and I found a pillar to stand on.


Great views from the top and we grabbed a little lunch before heading back down.


The church was a welcome site to see.


We made a brief stop at a beach on the coast and then headed back to the ferry.


Another great sunset but tonight we knew what it was like on top.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos - Odyssey (Day 138)

We headed up to Odyssey for the day it is a short but wide overhung cliff band.  It was about a 30 minute walk from Massouri


We started on a nice 6b to the right of Atena and both cruised it.


We got on (68) Atena 6b+ (5.10d) Anja cruised it but I sadly had to hang at the crux and thus began my battle to onsight 6b+.


Nice views of Telendos.


We then both cruised a 5c+ to the right.


Anja got on a short looking 6b+ that got real steep and hard quick.


I got on Poly Retsina No Good 6a (5.10a) which was nice and pretty cruiser.


We finished out the day on Penelope 6a (5.10a) and I pumped out at the crux and was wiped.


We caught back up with Kristen at her hotel room.


It was sangria time!


We went down and drank our sangria on the hotel social area.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos Skatia Cave (Day 137)

I was still feeling a little under the weather so Anja, Kristen, and Andy headed off to Sikati Cave for some climbing and beach time.


To get there they had to rent motorbikes which Anja was excited about getting to ride without me to slow her down.  The ride out was long and had some bad sections of dirt road but they made it to the trailhead.


Sheep on the long walk in.

Sikati cave

The cave is a crazy hole in the ground.


To get in the cave there was a handline/via ferrata setup.


They went and climbed one of the only routes in the cave less than 7a+ called B69 5b+.


After the climb they wondered around the cave.


And found lots and lots of bouldering on tufas.


After bouldering they climbed out of the hole and headed down the to beach.


It was totally secluded.


They had the beach all to themselves and relaxed.


On the way out they had to get back up the dirt road.  To get out Anja had to walk next to the motorbike and give it gas as she walked on the dirt road.  Once it touched pavement the bike tires got a good grip and the bike went flying out of Anja’s hands.  It got all scratched up and she was super nervous about returning it to Ace of the Road so when she got back to Masouri she parked it in front of Ace of the Road waved and ran off quick.  They had were we were staying but no one ever showed up about it.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos Run to Arhi (Day 136)

I had caught a cough/throat/chest thing my dad had when he left so I took the day easy and Anja went for a hike/run/walk to checkout Arhi.  Everyone goes to Arhi by motorbike so she knew it would be a trek. 


It was about 4 miles each way and Anja loved the hike on the road weaving above the Aegean Sea.


She got nice views of the cave at Ahri.


And views of Argononta.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos Afternoon Wall (Day 135)

We took Kristen and her friend Andy climbing at Afternoon Wall.  I led up Nonno Ringo 5c (5.8) and set a top rope.


Andy was pretty excited about climbing and this would be one of his first days climbing outside.


Anja belayed him for the first climb.


He got stuck and was having difficulties understanding how small of holds he could stand on so I soloed up next to him to try to encourage him a little.  Once he reached the crux higher up then I would solo he had enough and lower back down.


We then put up a top rope on L’Amico Ralph 5c (5.8).  Andy gave this a good effort again but was struggling with how small of footholds you can stand on in climbing shoes.


Anja mean while did a belay lesson with Kristen.


We then stepped up the difficulty onto Swiss Baby 6a (5.10a).  We were kind of hoping the climb would be steeper with larger hold which might be easier for Andy but the holds were not that big and he struggled early and lowered off.


Kristen again cruised up the route easily until she reached the crux and then declared she could not do it and lowered off.


This goat was cruising the cliff base looking for free handouts.  It was super friendly and walked right up to Anja and seemed pretty happy to receive some head scratches. 


It had been a nice day of group climbing and we relaxed a little on our balcony.