Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thailand-Railay-Work day (Day 39)

So our room at Diamond Private Resort for 1,300 baht ($44) a night is a big step up as it has no coach roaches.  It is a bit like being at camp and reminds me some of cabin’s I would staying in as a kid.


One very strange thing was these wooden beams were infested with a bark beetle and you could hear them chewing at night.


It was also very odd that the bathroom was located downstairs which made it tricky to keep the room cool and the AC could not keep up at mid-day.


Not really an amazing place so why do we like it?


This is the view out the window above the bed.


As you walk out of the resort we walk past the pool.


From the deck in front of the pool this is the view.  Not bad for $44 a night for 3 people.  Of course there are also Bungalows up on the side of the hill above here which would be amazing to stay in but they had told us 2,400 baht ($80) per night for 2 people when we checked in.


Anja and Ram spent the day working at Diamond Cave Resort which I’ve started referring to as Happy Hour because from about 8 pm til 10 pm the bartender yells “Happy hour cup cup”  The fun thing was when I told Ram in the morning we’d be at Happy Hour just past the coach roach  he walked over looking for a sign that said coach roach.  Isn’t wasn’t until he walked half the beach and realized I was referring to our former hotel.

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