Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thailand-Railay-Duncan's Boot (Day 35)

Last night we didn’t get much sleep as it turns out Ram has the same phobia of coach roaches I do and between the two of us we barely let Anja sleep and were excited to get out of there the next morning.
We moved to the Diamond Private Resort.  It had to long rickety stairs leading up to it.
Luckily, they had a little miner’s trolley to take our bags up.  Ram really wanted to ride it up too but it would be a scary trip back down if it broke. 

After we got checked into our new room we got packed up to go climbing and realized Anja had left her brand new Sony W995 cell phone in the old hotel room.  We rushed back over there but someone had already cleaned the room and the staff had swiped it.  We went to interrogating every staff member we could find but quickly figured it was a guy who had left quickly when he saw us asking questions.  It was gone and in Thailand not much you can do to get it back.  Dumb mistake that we didn’t toss the room as we checked out.

Not to ruin our day we headed out to climb.  123 wall and Mui Thai wall were crazy busy so we walked on to Duncan’s Boot wall which we found no one at so we stopped and climbed: Karaoke 5.10bRobert's Dolema 5.10c, Top Knot 5.10c 5.10c, and Mai Prue 5.10d
Me on Karaoke 5.10b.  We then top roped Mai Prue 5.10d then we led Robert's Dolema 5.10c. 
I tried leading Top Knot 5.10c 5.10c.  I got about two moves higher than this photo but ended up with my hands crossed and out of position for the clip so I backed off and let Anja lead it.
We then headed back to 123 wall.
I right away jumped on We Sad 5.10c.  This route had been a highlight of our 2007 trip for me, the pull onto the stalactite is very powerful but the rest of the route is really cruiser.  How cool is that though jumping off the beach onto the stalactite.  It is what you fly around the world to come to Thailand for!
Enjoying the up section of the climb.
Anja jumped on the route too.
Ram then tried Quartz a 5.12b but couldn’t make it very far and backed off.

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