Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thailand-Ton Sai-Big Wave (Day 46)


We started the day with Anja’s favorite coconut shake from the lady man on East Railay.


Then we headed over the jungle trail from East Railay to Ton Sai.  I had in mind a couple of multi-pitch routes in the 6b range but thought they might be crowded.


We walked up to the first pitch of Big Wave and the only people we could see on it were just pulling there rope from the last rappel.  Awesome!  Maybe we can do Big Wave 6b (5.10b) and Beauty and the Beast 6b+ (5.10d) as they share the first pitch.  Anja quickly fired off the 28m first pitch.


I motored through the 25m second pitch.  The climbing was fast on mostly large juggy holds.  It was fun just cruising up this climb!


Anja continued cruising on the third pitch (15m)


I hit the anchor at the top of the third pitch and we grabbed a couple shots.


The views were great and I cruised up the 15m 4th pitch.


Cruising stopped at the very end of the 10m 5th and last pitch.  Anja fired it off and lowered back to belay 4.


A great climb with some the best view of Ton Sai beach, Railay West beach, and the Thaiwand we’ve had yet.


We rappelled back down to the top of pitch 1 and still no other parties were there so I headed up 6b pitch 2 of Beauty and the Beast and then Anja fired off the classic 6b+ Beauty pitch.  It was a great cap to the day.


The rappel down was nice and easy and we finally met a second party just finishing the first pitch.  Chris from Grass Valley, CA said it was roasting on the beach but over 100 ft off the ground all day we had a nice breeze in the sade.


Our climb for the day went up the center to the skyline.

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