Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Red Rocks-April 2012

After Bryce we headed down to Red Rocks and met up with some old California friends.


I headed to Calico Basin with Skater Dave to Red Ridding Hood Wall and climbed a bolted route called Big Bad Wolf.  3 pitches of 5.8.


It was a fun route and we were followed up by a new SLC friend Duke.


We had a group campsite which is a huge luxury to not fight for a first come first serve campsite.


Jenny, Ram, and Paul came out to meetup with us.


Camper show down between our van and Paul’s 2x4 90’s Tacoma.


The next day we headed to climb some limestone.  It as located in a strange location which is quickly being engulfed by Las Vegas suburban development.  Paul lead a climb at the crag which was way too hot.


We tried to climb more there but after two routes it was just too hot in the sun so we went to look for another crag in the shade.


We found an area called Gunshow.


Paul threw down and got on a hard short route.


After a few hangs he got it done with a real strong effort for Paul.


Meanwhile Anja and Jenny got another climb going.


This route was really sharp and overall I didn’t enjoy the climbing in the area very much.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bryce Canyon–April 2012

I got sent down to Bryce Canyon area for work so Anja drove down in the van to enjoy the hotel room in the Bryce Canyon area and so we could head off to Red Rocks after I finished with my work. 


While in Bryce we went for a hike.


We connected up what I think was Cleopatra's Garden and Navajo Loop.


It was a nice hike down and then it levels off.


The trail then traverses below all the hoodoo formations.


It was a little late and the moon was rising.


We grabbed a nice picture from the rim as the sun was setting.


Great views down the canyon.  Later that night an old friend Diedra from San Luis Obispo met up with us and said hi.  Through the world of facebook I’d seen she was in Utah touring around and dropped her a message that we would be in Bryce so she matched up her trip to meetup with us.