Friday, March 25, 2011

Thailand-Bangkok- Weekend Market (Day 52)

We had a great night’s sleep with no loud reggae music and then got up for an awesome included breakfast.  We had 3 tasks for the day: go to the weekend market for flower beads, ship stuff home, and buy more pharmaceuticals for our other travels.


We hit the streets to head to the market.  As dumb luck would have it we made a wrong turn and wondered past the post office.  They told us they closed at noon but another one across from Big C closed at 5 pm.  We were set with our timeline; it was about 10:30 am.


We got out to the weekend market on the Skyrail and walked down to the market below the trees in bloom.  The market was way bigger than I remembered and really packed with people.  It was going to be rough to find what Anja was after but after about an hour of looking we found the bead shops and found one with flower bead.


Anja got 13 flowers for 500 baht.  Time to look for more we found a second shop with some but they wanted crazy prices and none were nice colorful big flowers so we moved on.


At another shop we sorted through there bulk bin and found a few nice small flowers and some cool leaf beads.  We dug through for a while and 1:30 rolled around and it was time to go.  Anja had found some more beads and again really enjoyed begin at the weekend market.

We rushed back to the hotel and packed up the tailored clothes, guidebooks, and some other stuff to lighten our luggage load.  We checked at the front desk and the post office we wanted was across from the Big C I knew by where we had stayed in 2007.  We rushed off to there on the skyrail, we missed it at first but Anja found someone who told us it was north of the skyrail and we hurried over.  It was 3:30 pm and I’d read they will sometimes not take international shipments after 3 pm but no problem.  THEY WERE AWESOME!  They helped us packup the stuff, box it, label it, and send it out.  It was 1,900 baht and would take about 4 month by sea.

We were then off to find a pharmacy.  I wasn’t convinced I’d kicked the giardia so I wanted another round and we found a pharmacy in the Big C and loaded up.  It was 4 pm and our tasks were complete so we headed back to the hotel for some dinner and happy hour and went to bed early.

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