Monday, March 7, 2011

Thailand-Railay-Pra-Nang Beach (Day 38)

We thought about going over to Ton Sai today but that seemed far to travel and Ram didn’t really want to get up at NOON.  Since Ram only had two climbing days left we let him sleep in and Anja did some work.  Once he was ready to get going we headed over to Pra-Nang Beach which wasn’t too long a walk.
Nobody was there climbing so I started by heading up Money Maker 5.10a.  It was really polished and I got nervous on the slippery holds at one point and banged my leg against the route and tore the scab off my knee.  It started bleeding again and I finished the route and left Anja and Ram to climb while I went to find band aids.
This guy was setup on Money Maker charging 200 baht per climb to tourist off the beach.  He got about 4 customers while we were climbing the other routes in the area.
Ram had found his motivation and pushed his abilities on Tough Trip Through Paradise 5.11d.  It was a pretty cool route out the roof of a little cave.
Then Anja and Ram took turns trying Little Shit 5.11a, it would have been much more trivial if the second bolt wasn’t well below the crux. 
Ram again found his motivation and sent the route.  Ram then had to go back and clean Tough Trip Through Paradise which he’d left the draws up on which required releading it and then cleaning while lowering.
This area is also a bit of a monkey beach and I witnessed this guy run across an area and grab this Pringles can while a woman’s back was turned.  Thailand monkey’s love Pringles.
That night we headed back to The Last Bar for music and a fire show.


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Rock climbing just make me crazy, i am big fan of this sports. Great pics and great post i just love this post :D

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