Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thailand a look back

WE STILL LOVE THIALAND!!!  It was a great month in Thailand.  It was a very different trip than our trip in 2007, this trip we climbed a lot more multi-pitch routes which was really fun.  Over all I was much stronger than in 2007 while Anja wasn’t quite as powerful as she had climbed in 2007 but I believe had much more endurance which allowed us to climb all the multi-pitch routes we did.  Highlights for me were Oyster Blade on Phi Phi, Big Wave on Ton Sai, and onsiting 6b for the first time.  Of course spending time with Dov and Ram.  We both wish we could have gotten a little stronger to be able to climb Heart of Darkness 6c+ (5 pitches) and Lord of the Thai’s 7b (5 pitches).

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