Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thailand-Railay-Wee's Present Wall (Day 36)

We head over to Wee’s Present Wall.  We got on: I Don't Know 5.9+, A Man Can Tell 1,000 Lies 5.10a, Ling Rong Hei (Monkey Crying) 5.10c, Hello Christine 5.10b, and Same Same but Different 5.11a.
Anja at the top of Hello Christine 5.10b.

Ram led up Same Same but Different the crux at the bottom was really slippery and tough but after that the route mellowed out.
Views from the top.
Since Anja was at the top shooting photos I decided I’d better give it a shot on led but when I pulled the rope and it flipped down still clipped to the first two bolts I called it good and skipped the crux with a little tension.
After that it was a real fun route.
Anja cruised it too with the first two clips done.
We a nice dinner on the beach and watch the sunset.

Our hotel was a little funny with the bathroom in the basement but it was only 1,300 baht for the three of us so we called it good.  I was surprised when I found this guy in hanging out on high on the wall.  He is big about 12 inches nose to tail.  I’d rather have a hotel room come with a pet gecko any day over roaches.  We haven’t named him yet.  Any suggestions?

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