Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SLC-Ram Visits-December 2011

Ram had moved from LA to Seattle and came out to SLC to see us.


Being a Ram visit the weekend start with repairing my 46” Samsung LCD TV which had some bad capacitors. 


You can see the capacitors bulging and about to leak here.  We got some new ones in and worked like a charm.


On Saturday we took Ram to see SLC’s number one tourist attraction; the Mormon Temple.


Since it was Christmas time it had some lights hung out.


On Sunday being SLC finding a Thai restaurant which was open was a challenge but we found Rose’s Tea House in Murray.  They had a spicy scale from 1-9 and the menu said they would not serve past a 3 to first time customers.  Ram being Thai and loving spicy food said NINE, NINE, NINE!

After a little haggling we got the waitress to serve him the nine.  We both got Chicken Panangg but I got a level one spicy.  As we waited Ram got nervous about his order when he saw the spicy challenge on the wall about when they used to have a 10 but too many people went to the hospital.  The thai peppers are flown in from Thailand to LA and then SLC.  Above is my yellowish level 1 and Ram’s dark red level 9.


The food was AMAZING!  Ram called it the top 10 thai food he has had in the US.  The level 9 was so good!  The first bite was really good but didn’t burn, the second bite was real hot and spicy, the third bite was destruction for me.  It was even too hot for Ram and he couldn’t finish it.  This was the first time I had seen Ram not finish something which was not a spicy challenge.


Before Ram flew out we stopped at Squatter’s Brewery and got some beers.