Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thailand-Railay-Fly to BKK (Day 51)

It was time to depart from Diamond Private Resort, Anja took one last conference call from the patio and we were headed out at noon to catch the 4:15 pm Ao Nang bus to the airport.


We settled up our bill and put our luggage on the trolley for the ride down to the beach.


After lunch at Yam Yam we walked over to Railay West.  It looked like a long wait for the longtail so Anja setup for a nap on the beach.  She got about an hour in and we were off.  We had to make another stop at the tailor but the jacket still wasn’t right.  It was only 1:30 pm so we told them they could try during the next 2.5 hours.


Since we had nothing to do we wondered into a massage parlor.  I got a hair cut and beard trimming from a lady boy and Anja got a message and manicure and pedicure.  Back to the tailor and they had failed on the suit jacket, it was still too tight so we didn’t pay for it.  We’d hoped to have them ship everything for us to the US but they said 3,500 baht ($120). No way we’ll take it to Bangkok and try.


Off on the public bus.  While on the bus I noticed the couple we had seen climbing on Wee Sad the day before boarded.  In the airport everything went great until going through security they scanned my bag full of rock gear (harnesses, quickdraws, cams, nuts, belay devices, and a rope).  “You have a rope, you can’t carry that on, must check.”  “WHAT? Why?”  “I don’t know must check.”  Our first scam in Thailand we were going to have to check our climbing rope.  Ridiculous, luckily I’d paid for extra weight so it was no problem.  Inside security we saw the climber couple gain and I laughed and point; “They took your rope too!  Haha.”  “yeah it is stupid, we had to pay 500 baht because we had a carry-on only ticket”  “Scammed.”  We then ended up talking with them for a while about travels and California as they were from the Bay area.


In Bangkok we saw them again at baggage claim and I was laughing so hard seeing there checked rope bag come around the carrousel.  We were talking about the cost of shipping stuff home when they said “Shipping stuff international is expensive.  Our friend Jamie from Peru” I burst out laughing so hard.  Jamie is a good friend of Adam and Yumi (See Adam and Yumi’s wedding post).  We had a good laugh about the connection and parted ways as they were headed home.

We went down and caught a cab to our hotel in Bangkok.

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