Sunday, October 31, 2010

Planned schedule

We bought our tickets from LAX to Singapore so our international plans have begun.  We are super excited that Ram will be joining for the first month of our trip!!  We can't wait to be back on the beach in Thailand!!!  We would love it if more people came and joined up in our international adventures.

Oct 31- Nov 2 - St. George Area climbing
Nov 3 - Kevin and Lauren's house in Venice
Nov 4-5 Anja LA for conference
Nov 4-7 Ken Jtree climbing
Nov 8-16 Unsure (likely Red Rocks, Moab, and/or Indian Creek)
Nov 16-Nov 22 In Boulder
Nov 22-Dec 25 Anja Vermont
Nov 22 -Dec 8 Ken Vermont
Dec 9-Dec 25 Ken Boulder
Dec 26-Jan 1 Boulder (ski hut trip there somewhere)
Jan 1 - Jan 12 Unsure activities
Jan 13 - Jan 20 Florida
Jan 20 - Jan 23 LA
Jan 23 - Jan 29 Singapore
Jan 30 - Feb 6 Kuala Lampur/Malaysia 
Feb 7 - Mar 7  Thailand Ton Sai climbing on the beach (come join us! check out for our 2007 trip)
 Tenative Plans
Mar 7 - Mar 14 Hanoi Vietnam (Hong Long Bay climbing)
Mar 14 - Mar 17 Beijing (Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City)
Mar 17 - Mar 20 Xi an (Terracotta Warriors and silk dress)
Mar 20 - Mar 30 Yangshou climbing
Mar 30 - Apr 27 Nepal (Annapurna trek)
Stop in India to Taj Mahal
Maybe go through Cairo and see the Pyramids
maybe climbing in Antalya, Turkey
May - Kalymnos, Greece
June - Italy

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Dave said...

That's a serious schedule! I'll try to meet up with you as much as I can, but likely will only make it as far as Colorado.