Monday, November 1, 2010

Ibex Aurora Borealis to Luner Power 5.10b - October 14, 2010

In the morning Anja was walking around and found this guy walking across the dry lake bed.
Before we got out to Ibex we did a little web research and found 6 pitch 5.10b called Aurora Borealis/Luner Power on the Quartermoon area.  
Ken walking up to the base of the route starting from the center of the buttress.
Anja at the base of the route excited about how the route looks.
The first moves were 5.12a so we pulled on the bolts through the first moves.
Anja pulling the moves through the first crux.
Anja pulling through the roof on the route.
Anja at the last crux.
Anja climbed the first pitch for 180 ft.  It was really really good and ended at a huge belay ledge.
Ken took the next lead and headed up a little slab move to a crack to a face move to a lineback to a easy crack to another easy crack and belayed below a large offwidth.  The pitcher is looking down from the first easy crack.
Looking down from Ken's belay to Anja at her belay.  She's down there.
Anja finishing the second pitch.
At the belay we debated how far in the 6 pitch climb we where and we determined Anja had led pitch 1 and 2 and Ken had led pitch 3, 4, and 5.  Guess this climb was going to be a little shorter than expected.
Looking down at the lake bed.
Anja starting up the last pitch.  Kindly there was a bolt next to the offwidth that we could mostly be face climbed and stemmed.
Anja pulling through.
On the top someone had stashed a summit register and a bottle of tequila so we had a little taste.
Ok Ken had a bigger taste.
Then we found the raps down.  After the rap down we had a little walk to get back to the van during which we came across two rattlesnakes.  Weird spiders, giant spiders, and rattlesnakes; Ibex was cool but we'd had enough of it.

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Jason Stevens said...

Wow! So awesome to hear about people enjoying the route!

Jason Stevens
First Ascent, Aurora Borealis