Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aid climbing practice Day 3 - September 29, 2010

Since we had left a fix nut behind the night before we decided to go back up to La Escuela for a second go.  Ken packed a wall hammer just incase the nut was disagreeable.  On our way hiking up the base of El Cap we meet a party bailing off the Salathe on El Cap, we had heard them the night before high above us.  They had made it about 2,000 ft up El Cap to El Cap Tower and had run way too short on water to continue so they had rappelled off the route.  Since Anja had led the first pitch the day before Ken took the first half and Anja took the second half.  Ken got it done a little quicker in just over an hour but was really thirsty at the bolts.  It was still in the 90s out.
Ken headed up the first pitch.

Anja led out the second pitch and got it done much faster in around 1.5 hours but was really thirsty at the end of the pitch.  Ken cleaned the pitch and ended up needing the hammer to clean the nut he had fixed the night before.  Since he had the hammer Ken also cleaned the fixed nut which was on the first pitch.  We again easily finished the 6 liters of water we had brought and felt a little dehydrated.  It was just too hot out to be on El Cap.

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