Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ram Visits - October 3, 2010

Since we were still in California Ram wanted to come up and hangout again so I checked if there was space for a third couchsurfer in the house with Burhoe.  It had rain all night in the Valley so we headed straightout to meet Ram in Sonora.  While in California we have been enjoying the plentiful cheap wine and Keri had recommended local wine tasting in Murphy, CA.  When Ram got here we headed over there.
The van on main street Murphy.
Since Ram and Anja are the a very good pair of trouble makers.  Ken volentered to be the designated driver while they wine tasted.  We really liked Tanner (who had great wine and are friends of Keri's) and Lavender Ridge (who do wine and cheese pairing).  Ram and Anja by far gave the most trouble to our last stop.  The nice women there handled them well, even if she was only 22 and dating a 33 year old guy.

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