Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rest days - September 23 and 24, 2010

We were feeling under the weather on both days so we did some long term planning. 

Anja enjoying the hammock at the Burhoe's

We first made our arrangements to fly into Baltimore for Thanksgiving to go to Pennsylvania to see Anja's Grandma Bach.  We were excited because we were able to fly Southwest to Baltimore from Denver for cheap.  Then we booked our tickets back from Vermont.  Ken got a cheap ticket since he is flying December 13.  The real excitement came when booking Anja's ticket which would have needed to be December 25 or December 30 to be remotely well priced.  The 25th would make Christmas a mess and the 30th she would miss a ski hut trip in Colorado.  While looking at booking the ticket Ken realized she had 30,000 frequent flier miles so instead of a $250 one way ticket she got a $5 ticket on December 26!!!

After those tickets were booked up we made travel arrangements to go to Key Largo to see Ken's Aunt Sharon January 13-17 and go to Fort Myers for a few days with Rick and Linda.  Since we didn't see a point in flying back to Denver to then fly to LA to start our world travels we just booked a flight from Fort Myers to LA so when we head to Florida we will have to be packed to go travel the world.

We also played a good bit with the Burhoe's dogs Goose and Gander.  They love to chase the laser pointer and go crazy when you just say "Do you want to play dot?".
Goose looking for the dot to come out

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