Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lover's Leap The Line - September 21, 2010

Our good friend Adam had recommended that Traveler's Buttress was overrated and The Line (5.9 three pitches) was the climb not to miss at Lover's Leap so we got up with the goal of doing this climb today.  We climbed out of the van at a leaserly 9:30 am and our new Boston friends (Romi, Jerry, and Dan?) were packing up to head to Yosemite as they had planned.  Ken was saying hi to them and passing on the blog address when who rolls by but Val.

We introduced Val to the Boston folk and he was as friendly as ever.  Always good to see the Bulgarian.  As Val was tearing some bread from his awesome home made bread Romi asked, as he dug his fingers into tear the bread, "did you wash your hands"; "No, but that is what makes you stronger.  Here have some; very good!"
 Anja pulling through the 5.9 face climbing start of The Line.
 Anja higher up enjoying the horizontal dikes Lover's Leap is famous for.
 Anja topping out pitch 1.
 Grabbing some water at the top of pitch 1.  Where did the great looking water bottle come from?
 Ken headed up the start of pitch 2.
 Ken somewhere near the top of pitch 2.
 Another great view of the valley by Lover's Leap.
Ken heading up to the roof to string in pitch 3 through the roof and the top of the climb.  After the climb we rush out believing Anja had a conference call at 4 pm.  It turned out it was scheduled for next week but she addressed a few things and moved the formal call to Oct 8.  We then made a stop at Big Lots for cheap food and drove onto Sonora to Aaron Burhoe's house and driveway.  Seeing Burhoe and Val and great 5.9 climb, what a day!!!
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