Monday, October 4, 2010

Lover's Leap Bear's Reach - September 20, 2010

After a stop at the post office to mail our wedding clothes to Keith in Boulder we headed to Lover's Leap.  We got there at 4 pm so we settled on a quick 3 pitch 5.7 named Bear's Reach.  This climb was elevated to ultra classic when Dan Osman free soloed it in 4 minutes 25 seconds.  If you forgot:
Well we didn't make that climb but we finished before darkness and got back to the old pony express high way at the base of the cliff easily.  The climb was really fun.

Anja leading up the start of the first pitch
 Anja past the slightly runout 5 easy.
 A side view of Lovers Leap.  The famous route Traveler's Buttress is on the far sky line.
 Anja now high on the first pitch
 Anja following the second pitch
 Anja leading up the third pitch.
Anja heading up the 5.8 direct finish
Ken at the top at sunset.  3 hours and 20 minutes after leaving the van.

When we got back to the van we started making a little dinner and befriended a climber who had bailed off of the second pitch of Traveler's Buttress.  They were there with a group of three from Boston and were headed to the valley after the Leap.  They made some great burritos and after Ken shamed them for mutilating an avocado and prepared the rest of the avocado for them the shared some beer and burrito and Ken and Anja attempted to be the best dirtbags they could while having a posh van park 100 yards away.
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