Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tuolumne Top Ropes - Murphy Creek - September 26, 2010

Crystal, Paul, and Dave in camp
We got up and headed over to Tenya Lake and took the Murphy Creek Trailhead north for about 20 minutes until we saw the cliff.  It had 5.7-5.11 top ropes.  Another group was already there on much of the 5.7-5.9 climbs so we set a 5.9, 5.9+, and 5.10b.

The 5.9 was great starting with perfect handjams and then widening as it went up.  Really fun and a little offwidth training.

The 5.9+ was really tough.  I don't think it gets climbed much.  Through the crux required painful handjams with really poor foot holds.
Anja about to start into the crux of the 5.9+
Anja nearing to top of the 5.9+
The 5.10b was really great.  It started with steep lieback fingers and then pulled through a roof.  The crux was a section which widened past fist jam with little to no feet.  It was a hard pull and kind of reminded me of the crux of Touch n Go at Joshua Tree.
 Paul pulling through the 5.10b roof anyway he can.

To end off the day we set a 5.11b.  Ken's hands were chewed up too bad to climb again but Anja struggled up it.

Thanks again Paul and Crystal for bringing our aid gear up to us.

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