Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another undisclosed location - October 11, 2010

We headed out to another climbing area we cannot discuss the location of but it wasn't that far from Sonora so we decided to take Goose and Gander.  It was also another location without a guidebook so we were left with just Burhoe's recommendations to start at the right by the tree.
Anja and Gander were excited about the climbing above.
Anja picked a steep looking chalked up climb that looked really fun and it was really fun.
Ken lead up the route after Anja.
Anja then picked a route further to the right which did not have a ton of chalk on it.  About half way up Anja started commenting to Ken that he should move over because the rock seemed a little chossy and loose.  Anja lowered off and used the sling trick.
Anja then found another harder fun looking chalked up route.  She headed up and got to a committing move at the fourth bolt and wasn't feeling it.  She was still feeling mentally exhausted from all the climbing on Pangea the days before.  Ken offered to try so she lowered down and Ken went up to give it a shot.  The move was committing and a little thin but Ken got it done.  This was a first for our relationship Ken finishing a steep sport route for Anja.  Anja top roped and had fun but was really tired. 
Gander and Goose were having so much fun.
To end off the day Ken top roped an extra steep route.
The wall was big and steep.
Views were great.

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