Monday, October 25, 2010

Glory Hole Biking - October 7, 2010

Anja had a phone conference at 4 pm so we wanted to get out some where close that we weren't got to epic at so headed back to Glory Hole National Recreation Area and rode the Carson Creek and Tower Climb Trails.
The trail was again nice hard pack trail so the rains had not effected the trail but it was a little bumpier trail.
The views of New Melones Lake were great.
I was pretty telling the drought California is in from how low the water level is.  The level should be all the way up to these trees.

We thought we might ride a loop but the trail to the top of the Tower Climb was pretty tough coming up so Ken really wanted to ride back down it.  It was way more fun riding down it than up.  All together it made for about a 8.2 mile ride and Anja made it back on time for her phone conference.
Two nights before we had helped Burhoe split some wood and put it in his wood shed.  There was plenty more to be done so we went back to work at splitting the wood and putting it away. 

Anja splitting wood.
The wood shed.

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