Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The climbing area's name who shall not be spoken - September 22, 2010

So we went to a climbing area today that is on private land so it will not be reference by name but it was an amazing area.  However the warmup was 5.11d so we didn't manage to finish a single climb there.  It was a nice hike in and except for the pair of climbers there the first 30 minutes we were alone all day!

 What a formation!!
 Ken using the best hand hold the chain attached to the bolt.
 Ken climbing wow that is steep!  Anja made it just one bolt short of the anchor.  Rough.

 Anja made it three bolts up the column on the right.
 Then it got crazy steep!
Burhoe Machine, you couldn't ask to put a better guy in charge of your molds.

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