Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lost World - October 9, 2010

Burhoe kept talking about the Lost World off hwy 108 so we headed up there to check it out and climb Pangea a four pitch 5.10c sport climb.
 The van at the end of the 1.8 mile dirt road.  The guidebook said to park at the end of road 5N06, hike over the dirt berm, up some slabs and to the other side of the slabs and follow the obvious trail.  From the get go Anja was in a hurry seeing that it was already 2:30 pm and we had an hour approach to do so getting the climb done would be tight.  So we charge up the slabs and across them.
The views were great as we were hiking but we didn't have any real distinct trail so Ken was feeling like we had lost the trail very early on.

At this point we could see the road closed dirt road coming down and we were pretty sure we had messed up the approach.
 We traversed around and made it to the edge of the canyon of the lost world and Anja wanted to get in so we tried to set a rappel off a tree and rap in but it didn't work so we decided just to hike out.
 Anja disappointed that we could not make it to the base of the climbs to at least check them out.
From where we were we had a great view over to Atlantis Wall.  It is pretty cool sounding grade V wall (about 1,500 ft) which you have to use a boat to get to the base of.  The hike backup to the top of the dome was pretty easy and we got back to the van no problem.  Two other climbers were there and had a fire started so we grabbed a few beers and joined them at the fire.

We had only planned to be up there one day but we wanted to do the climb and had the van so we stayed the night.  Anja was worried Burhoe would be concerned about us but I told her it would be fine.

Here's the gps track:
Trying to find the Lost World at EveryTrail
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Keith said...

Your Everytrail. LOL.

Anja said...

heehee yep! ken laid it pretty thick when he said i was just like your dad -- lots of electronic toys but no one ever sees anything from them. ofcourse, it also offers a good 1-2 hours of procrastination time!