Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ibex Shadow Buttress - October 13, 2010

We got up in the morning and headed east on hwy 6 to climb at Maple Canyon.  As we were heading there we took a look at an Utah Bouldering Guide we had a realized that we would be passing only a few miles from Ibex; a well known climbing area so we decided to stop and check it out.

We pulled off hwy 6 on the gravel road and then the next turn took us onto a dry lake bed.  Then the lake bed started to get wet and Ken got pretty scared and pulled back into where it was clearly dry and Anja got out and walked to find a good route through the lake bed.  The walls behind Ibex were impressive and pretty large in the 500-600 ft range.  We pulled up to only about 200 ft from the base and were once again at a climbing area without a guidebook so we drove up and down the base trying to figure out where we should hike up to and look for climbs. 
We chose one of the big rock formation (later discovered to be Shadow Buttress) and headed up there to try to find a bolt line to head up.  Ken found two bolt lines and headed up the easier looking of the two bolt lines.  It turned out it went for around 180 ft.
Ken at the top of the first pitch, it was really fun and the bolts kept going so Anja gave the start of the it a shot; Ken tried too no go. 
The views back down to the van and part of the lake bed.
Luckily we found some rap anchors off to the right.
On the walk down we came across this crazy spider.
When we got down Anja tried the second bolt line; Ken tried too.  No go.

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