Friday, October 15, 2010

Flying with Burhoe - October 1, 2010

Burhoe offered to take us flying at the local airport.  He has started racing airplanes and learning acrobatic maneuvers.  He rented a 2-seater Citabria from his club and took both of us up for a 30 minute tour of Sonora.  Anja went up first and was nervous and excited at the same time about the flight and the tricks.
Nervous Anja.
Excited Anja.
Anja taxiing out on the run way.  When Anja got back she was very excited and a bit queasy.  She had an awesome time!  Burhoe had done wing overs, barrel rolls, loop de loops, and aileron rolls.  She had started to feel a little sick so Burhoe stopped.
Ken went up second and was pretty excited and nervous like Anja had been. 
Ken's flight was a little longer.  They went up and did a tour of the area and then did a wing over, aileron rolls, and loop de loops.   Then Burhoe intentionally stalled the engine for Ken to see what it was like. Near the end of the flight Ken was ready for more tricks so Burhoe flew over the reservoir and let the tricks rip with more aileron rolls, loop de loops, ingalmen rolls, and a hammer head.  Ken just keep saying I feel ok at the end of the maneuver so Burhoe would go straight into the next one. 
After the flight Burhoe said he was impressed that Anja and Ken both had good stomachaches for aerobatic flying.  The flights were awesome!!! Thanks Burhoe.
Anja also went for a run today:
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