Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ram Visits - October 4, 2010

Since it rained again we couldn't go climbing so we took Ram out for some shopping at our favorite Sonora store; the Grocery Outlet.  It is like a overstock food store and because of this it get some great nicknames like the Gross Outlet or the Used for Store.  We've gotten a few great deals there and Ram has a cheap nature about him so he loved it.
Ram in the van.
After shopping Anja and Ram went up to the Moaning Caverns for a tour which they said was a big rip off.  We also did a bunch of trip planning for our travels to Thailand which Ram is going to join us on.  I think we have settled on leaving January 24 to fly to Singapore (for 4 days), then take a train to Kuala Lampor (for 5 days) and then head to Ton Sai where Ram will be with us for a while.  Anyone else want to join us there?

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