Saturday, October 23, 2010

Glory Hole Biking - October 6, 2010

The weather still looked poor and all of our gear was still wet since it had been raining everyday so we went for a mountain bike ride at Glory Hole National Recreation Area.  It was about a 30 minute drive away.


The sky didn't look so agreeable.
Anja was excited because it was her first ever clipless pedal ride.  Bill had hooked us up with a pair of shoes and old pair of Ritchey WCS pedals.  She took to it pretty quick and was excited for the new bike control and pedal power.
The trail was great hard packed so the rains had little effect on the trail conditions.
At the start of the Buck Brush Loop it started to sprinkle but we wanted to ride so we kept going.
The Angels Camp trail was really great fast and flowy.

As we came around to the end of the loop the weather started to worsen and thunder and lighting a little so we rode back to the van quick.  Just as we got back to the van the rains really opened up and gave us a quick little dousing before we could get the bikes attached to the rack and jump in the van.

A map of the trail system and our ride about 7.8 miles.

Anja also went for a run before the bike ride.

Running in Sonora, CA

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