Friday, October 22, 2010

Class 5 Fitness - October 5, 2010

It had been raining for a while and all our climbing gear was still wet so we headed over to a climbing gym in Sonora called Class 5 Fitness.  No one was working at the desk when we got there so we just started climbing.  It was an ok wall but too much of the wall was slabby so we quickly climbed most of the routes there.  No one was working the desk the entire time we were there so it was the right price.  Hey sometimes you just got to be a dirt bag.

 We also hooked up the Wii Fit inside to pass some time.  Ken was excited to find out he had lost almost 20 lbs since leaving Boulder in late July.

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Keith said...

20 lbs! Bomb! P.S. I have 5 of your lbs in my pants pocket whenever you need them back.