Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Singapore–Day 1

We landed at 5 am and took a cab over to the Lloyd Inn where we were staying.  Sadly they did not have a room we could check into until checkin time at noon so we had 7 hours to kill.  We went to get breakfast at 67 Killiney Rd it was just around the corner and turned out K had taken Anja and Ram here on there last visit.
After breakfast we went for a walk around the area Anja and Ram had stayed on there previous trip.
We wanted off our feet so we ended up wasting 3 hours away in McDonald’s on the web thanks for Ram.  We were trying to get into a free wireless all you need is a local Singapore number which we only had one which equaled one account for one computer.  When you register the password is sent by SMS to your phone.  We only had one active number so Ram back doored in.  Using a fictional phone number he generated an account which sent the password to the phone that didn’t exist.  He of course didn’t have the password so he clicked the forgot your password link and it sent the password to his email.  Silly Singapore web experts Ram out smarted your automatic password recovery.  Although the funniest part was a British guy saw us all on laptops and came over and asked about wifi and said “everyone told me there was no free wifi in Singapore.” Well we got him the hookup.
When we got out of the shopping mall at 11:45 to go check in it was downpouring so we hoped a cab back to the hotel.
We napped for awhile and then Kiong called and came over to pick us up and took us to the East Coast hawker centre.
We got piles of food and had a nice huge dinner and got to see the ski360 water ski park.

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