Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thailand-Phi Phi Don-work/rest day (Day 31)

So we’d SCUBA dived and climbed for a number of days straight so I was in need of a rest day and Anja needed a day to work.  We found a nice restaurant with outlets, ocean views, and drink and setup for the day.
On a walk on Phi Phi we say this bungalow constructed out of concrete which I thought was really well done.  The doors to the bungalow are the only thing made of wood.
After working Dov took us over to a bar to witness a snorkel test.  I guess it is a like a dive master graduation ceremony.  Once you finish your certification they take the new dive master to a bar, put a scuba mask on you which has been blacked out so you can’t see and then they give you a snorkel with a funnel on the top.  With the snorkel and mask on the only way you can breath is through the snorkel.  Your dive instructor then fills your snorkel with any liquid.  You’ve got to drink it or it all goes down your shirt.  From the way this woman was dress Dov knew they were going easy on her.  She also slipped a finger under the mask so she could breath through her nose.
After the snorkel test Anja called it a night and I headed over to the Rolling Stoned Bar with Dov, Ram, and two Swedish sisters Dov had meet.  The thai cover band was pretty good and Dov said sign the same songs in the same order every night.
They started drinking buckets and looking forward to the next day’s climbing I called it a night.

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