Thursday, February 3, 2011

Singapore-Day 3 Sentosa



We started off the day walking down to the Orchard Center mall where we wondered upon this climbing wall in the mall with a really long via ferrete route up it.  We would have headed up if it were not for the $40 per time price tag.


The roof of the mall had a little roof garden with some funky figures.


Kiong picked us up from the mall and took us over to a park with a good over look.  Below is a picture of a “reclamation project.”  i.e. building land in the ocean.


We then headed over to Sentosa Island which is being developed as a resort island and we stopped and saw a bunch of hotels.  Kiong really wanted to pull up and see some of these places which normally he could not pull up to but as he said “with you I feel safe.”


The first activity stop on the island was the go cart/soap box car/alpine slide.  It was pretty fun they had a ski lift for it which took you to the top of the hill. It was fun blasting past all the other tourists there who apparently did not subscribe to the American pastime of FLOOR IT!


After the alpine slides we rented bikes for an hour and took a little ride around the island.  It was really fun because we kept riding to spot and say wait did Kiong bring us here.



After biking it was off to catchup with Kiong so we hoped the cable car to get back to the main land.  It had some pretty great views and Kiong met us at the end station.


A view of the cable cars from the end looking back at Sentosa.


Kiong took us to the Old Airport Road hawker centre for chili crab.  It was really good but pretty spicy.  Probably the most unique dish we had in Singapore.


After dinner we made a stop at Raffle's hotel, home of the first ever Singapore Sling.  Kiong dropped us and went to have a smoke.  It was a rip off at $27 for a drink but Ram wanted to get it for the novelty.  It was pretty good and a cool old time 5 star hotel.  Although the funniest moment was we realized we’d forgotten the cell phone in Kiong cab so we were worried when he’d pick us up but as luck would have it we stumbled on a computer in the hotel and brought up facebook and posted on his wall to pick us up at 10:50.  Oh course Kiong got it and asked “how you do?”


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