Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thailand-Phi Phi Don-Climbing Ton Sai Tower (Day 24)

It was finally time for our first day of climbing in Thailand.  We head over to Ton Sai Tower on Phi Phi Don Island (not to be confused with Ton Sai beach north of here).  Anja and I had climbed here for a day in 2007 and had a great time.  The approach was a nice walk across the beach and then a short 20 m jungle trail up to the base.
Hiking past the longtails on the beach.  I think we started on the far left of the wall on Brain Fagman 5.9 I think.  It was ok but misquitos were back so we moved right where the wind might be better.
We weren’t looking at the guidebook so I just picked a cool looking flowstone route to head up.  Looks like it was Mr. Phi Phi 5.10c.  Climbing on flowstone again was pretty cool.
Anja then headed up Gladiator for the first 90 ft 5.10d and cruised it no problem.
I headed up after here and was pretty pleased to send it without hanging although I had to find a couple of good rests.  It was mostly a jug haul on horizontals.
Next I think we headed up Scenic Bulimic probably went at about 5.9+ but pretty cruiser up horizontal.
The sun was setting so we only had time for one more route and headed up Andrea's Spine Line 5.10c.
I struggled a little on the last moves of this as it got thin but was a pretty fun route.
We headed over to the Banana Bar with Dov and Deanna.
Immediately Ram saw the hot wing challenge and took it.  5 wings, a shot, and a bottle of water, if you finish it’s free and you get a free bucket.  If not 300 baht.
He started out powering into the wings.
He got about 3.5 wings in and slowed down and wasn’t really talking.
Things were not looking good as the heat set in on his stomach.
Ram was happy for the free bucket!!  However, later that night Ram had horrible stomach pain and I had to go out to get him some milk to settle his stomach.  Ram swore no more hot challenges.  Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts.  Smile

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looks like you guys are having fun...keep it up