Monday, January 31, 2011

Flying out-LAX to Shanghai and onto Singapore

We flew out from LAX at 11:20 am so we got up at 8 am at Kevin and Lauren’s and caught a cab to LAX.  Ram forgot to leave his keys for Jenny to move his car so we need to mail them home.


Ram was a little hung over from the night before and slept away a lot of the 14 hour flight.


Flight 1 done and we are in Shanghai.  Shanghai was a pain because we had to exit customs and go through security again just to transfer planes.  It also took up half a page of stamps in the passport which passport space which with 10 countries to go could be an issue.


Anja and I got some good sleep in the airport and Ram got some wifi but facebook was blocked by China.  Our plane boarded at 11:10 pm (5 am LA time).  We’ve been traveling for 21 hours at this point and still had another 5 hour plane ride to land in Singapore at 5 am.

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