Friday, February 18, 2011

Thailand-Phi Phi-SCUBA Dives 3 and 4 (Day 28)

We were back out for Open Water Dives 3 and 4.  We were joined by Jennie a woman doing her SCUBA diver certification.  SCUBA diver certifies you do dive with an instructor, while Open Water Diver certifies you to dive with other open water dives and no instructor.
Dov did a pre-dive plan talk with us discussing the skills we needed to complete in todays dives to finish our certification.
We hit the water with Jennie and were rolling.
Dov and Jennie
Anja and I
Anja posing with the turtle.
Then a shark swam by.  We signaled Dov and swam after it but lost it.
A lot of fish are not as interesting after you have just seen a shark.
Then we saw this shark coming in.
It kind of looked like a gaint 4ft long tadpole to me but what an awesome way to end our last dive for our certification!!!
Definitely, one of the highlights of being on Phi Phi has been hanging out with Dov and the fact that the left door is his room and the right door was ours.
We headed our to dinner at Papaya’s the awesome cheap spot for Pad Thai and Ram got everyone in to a dried chili challenge.  He goated Dov into it.
Then he taughted Travis (Dov’s roommate) with 1,000 baht if he would do it so Travis an Australian never above doing anything stupid for money did it.
Poor Travis was already a little drunk and didn’t handle the spice well and threw it up in about an hour.

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