Friday, February 11, 2011

Thailand-Off to Phi Phi Don Island (Day 22)

Since it was Chinese New Year we were concerned about the ferry to Phi Phi Don selling out so I got up at 8 am (which was early after our 2 am laundry session) and scheduled our port transportation and ferry ticket for 700 baht each through someone at the front desk for the 1:30 pm ferry.  It was nice that our hotel was only 10 minutes from the ferry.  We got there with plenty of time and boarded.  We were right the ferry was totally packed but we got good seats for the ride.


Once we got to Phi Phi Don getting our luggage was a mad house.  They seem unprepared for the volume of luggage they had and final Ram and I just had to start pulling stuff out of the way to the back of the boat to find our stuff.  We got it and wondered over to Dov’s dive shop, Barracuda Diving.  Again since it was Chinese New Year we’d booked ahead for the first night at JJ Bungalow for a family room for $109.  It was a trek out to the hotel but we had an awesome room right above the pool.  Dov helped us carry all our stuff out there which was considerable with the bar we were carrying.


Our deck overlooking the pool down below.  We knew the pool must be pretty nice when Dov took a dip for about 5 minutes before walking back to the dive shop.  We were far away but because we had the cell phones it wasn’t hard to communicate.


We unloaded the bar.


Around dinner time we made a drink and headed out to meet Dov at work and then got dinner with him.  We also met up with a friend of friends Christian who had gone to Cal Poly.  He was doing his Open Water SCUBA certification with Dov the next day so we decided to join the class too.

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