Monday, February 7, 2011

Sinapore to Malaysia (Day 18)

We’d now been travelling 18 days since we left my brother’s house and we caught the bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.  We had wanted to take the train but it was sold out so we settled for an executive class bus (25 seats).  It was a pretty comfy way to travel except for the fact it had no bathroom and we only made two stops during the 5.5 hour trip. 
We had hoped to see some landscape as we travelled but it rained the whole time and all we mostly saw was palm oil farms.  The board crossing was pretty interesting because Singapore is an island we Departed Singapore then got on the bus and we were in no country on the bridge until we got to the Malaysia border.
We arrived in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and caught a taxi to our hotel the Grand Pacific Hotel which was recommended by the climbing guidebook.  It was kind of a dumpy place for $60 a night but we got a huge room with wifi so we felt reasonably content.  We went out walking looking for food and found a mall about 10 minute walk away where we found this guy with a monkey at a pet shop. 
It had rained the whole time and we were really unexcited about hanging out in KL if we couldn’t climb so we started talking about changing travel plans to go to Thailand earlier.

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