Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Malaysia–Batu Caves climbing (Day 19)

We got up and headed out to try to find the climbing in north KL near a tourist attraction called Batu Caves.  We caught a cab from the Dynasty Hotel to the Batu Caves for 22 ringdings (about $7).  It took a little arm twisting but we got the cabbie to take us up around to within the area of the climbing.  From where he dropped us off we wondered through some pretty run down housing and found our way over to the climbing.

As we walked up the the cliff which looked pretty good with a few dry section we almost called it a day as a pack of about 15 dog came out from a small cave under the cliff.  Luckily they ran off after some barking and we were able to climb.


The climbing was GREAT!!  Steep limestone with lots of big juggy holds.  The climbs were well bolted and at a good difficulty level for us.




The last climb we did headed up into the side of the large cave.  It was a really cool location to be on and a very good climb.




Ram ran up and got a picture from the cave looking out with Anja lowering off.  Great day of climbing!


We went over and visited the tourist spot of Batu Caves Temple.  It was pretty neat.  The stair were long and the cave was rad.  If only they would let us climb in there.



The inner part of the Cave had a huge skylight.  Really cool.



We also checked out the “wild cave” of the Batu Caves area.  It was a pretty cool cave the a Malaysia guy at the entrance loaned us some lights.  The path was paved but the cave was really big.  If you look at the last photo we are the two small specs in the lower right.




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