Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Malaysai–Batu Caves Nanyang Wall (Day 20)

Anja had a conference call from 9 am to 12 am and we headed to Thailand at 10 pm on a flight from the Kuala Lumpur airport so that left about 8 hours to go climbing.  We headed back to Batu Caves area to the Nanyang Wall as it looked like it had some good moderate level climbs.

The area was a little funny to get to but not as difficult as the previous day.  Also it was a national holiday so other climbers were actually at the area.  We got in 5 climbs in the 5.10a to 5.10d range.  I posted route info here.  Most of the climbs were pretty good and it was a nice day of climbing.  Luckily as it got late we choice to skip a last climb and choice not being time stressed.  We were happy we did as about 10 minutes into our cab ride it started raining hard.





As usual in Asia watch out for monkeys.



From the climb above this was the view down below.  Yes that is a wastewater treatment plant with primary and secondary treatment.  Surprisingly, it did not smell so I wondered if this was some sort of scalping plant for water reclamation.


This appeared to be their effluent discharge location.  Looks like straight secondary discharge to the creek.  Just goes to show you can never get away from work.


After climbing we headed to the airport to fly to Phuket.  At the airport we stopped in the duty free shop and alcohol was finally a reasonable price and got 1 liter each to take to Thailand.


We landed in Thailand and headed through immigration and out to the taxi area at the airport.  When we got to the taxi area Ram and I said can you believe the customs?  Anja said what customs?  You know the sign you walked under that said “nothing to declare” that was it.  Anja: Oh I don’t know when that was guess I missed it.

The ride to the hotel was a headache as we had 5 backpackers in the van with us who didn’t have accommodations.  We had booked a room at Thavorn Grand Hotel for $26 a night but they said that was too much and wanted to be dropped at the bus station; it was 12:30 am.  Finally, after much discussion and a stop the the van company shop we left the 5 backpackers at the bus station.  I felt bad for one of the women with her boyfriend who said to us “where are you going” Anja said “we are going to our hotel.”  Our hotel was nice and cheap and we crashed out at 2 am.

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