Monday, February 14, 2011

Thailand-Phi Phi Don–SCUBA class (Day 23)

We spent the morning in SCUBA class with Deanna, Sean, and Christian with Dov teaching.  At lunch time Christian decided to bailout and head off the island with some women he was traveling with.  It was a little odd because he had started the class and had looked into SCUBA so much but he had asthma and his doctor had told him not to dive so it is understandable he would bailout.  Too bad though he didn’t say long enough to climb with us.

In the afternoon we did our confined water skills test with Dov off the Phi Phi beach.  We had to do things like practice removing our mask underwater, breathing from our buddies alternate air source, how to ascend without an air source in a controlled fashion, and some other general skills.  It was pretty cool as it was just Dov and us doing the skills and a second instructor did skills with Deanna and Sean.  After the skills we were all set to do our 4 open water dives.

One funny thing about our hotel was to get there we had to walk past the local wastewater treatment facility.
Unlike Malaysia, this treatment system appeared to be just straight lagoons and land application.  I couldn’t see any other treatment processes which explained why it smelled so bad.
We got dinner with Dov and Deanna from the class and after dinner went to the North PP beach to Stone Bar and watched a fire dance show.

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