Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thailand-Phuket (Day 21)

The mission for the day was shopping.  The plan was to head to the Big C and get supplies for beach living and then do a little night shopping at all the little shops around the hotel in Phuket Town.


Our hotel was pretty cool.  We got a room on the 11th floor with some great views of the bay.  The hotel was kind of funny as it was one of these once amazing hotel that is now a little decrepit so they don’t charge much for the room.


On to thai food!  The food in Singapore was cool but we were happy to move onto Thai food.


The Big C was about 4 km away so we got a ride in a mini red truck.  It was like the child of a tuk tuk from Bangkok and a red truck from Chang Mai.


The Big C is always entertaining, last trip we were amazed by the wall of oil but this trip it was a wall of fishy sauce with a sign that said only 6 per customer.  Really?  They have all this and are worried they are going to run out?


Our haul from the Big C: pillows, beach mats, soda, candy, a surge protector, snacks, and pocky.  All for $60.


That night we went out and did a little shopping and decided we would head to Phi Phi Don Island the next day.  However, it became a late night when we realized we could do laundry at the hotel ourselves for 50 baht per load and 100 baht to dry.  Last trip we had problems that our clothes we got washed on Ton Sai were itchy so we stayed up to 2 am doing laundry.

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