Friday, April 29, 2011

China-Yangshuo-Chicken Cave (Day 76)

We rode out to Chicken Cave in the Low Mountain Area because there was a route called Tufa Rufa 5.10c and Jugtastic 5.10b.  That sounds like Anja climbs if I’ve ever heard them.


The bike ride was about 6 miles out.


We were really excited when we saw the 5.10s on the right they were in this really awesome little cave.  We started on Turd Burglar 5.10a.


Normally, we would have got on the 5.10b next but Anja couldn’t contain her excitement about Tufa Rufa 5.10c and jumped on that next.


I led it too and got it clean.


Then I led Jugtastic 5.10b but couldn’t make it and had to hang twice.  It was really good but super steep and you could not tell where the good holds were.  We were having a great day.


We wanted to checkout Scary Mary 5.11b which starts from Clean Jean 5.10c so Anja led up to to be able to check it out.


Clean Jean was ok but the crux was a thin unpleasant move.


Views from the top of the belay were great.


Scary Mary 5.11b looked awesome with lots of bolts!  You climbed out left directly above the floor of the cave 80ft below.  We were excited and Anja headed off on the lead.  The last crux move was too hard and she hung and had to pull on a draw but it was super awesome.


We did a little 5.5 and then went up Weekend Warriors 5.10b.


To round out the day we climbed Team Sweden 5.10a which was really good and we both got clean.


dvdbrnco said...

Beautiful climbs!

Sierrasclimber said...

Hey skater Dave,
Yeah we loved this place I found a drawing in the guidebook of steep looking climbs it worked out to be an awesome day.