Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vietnam-Cat Ba Island-Butterfly Valley (Day 60)

We went back out to Butterfly Valley for our last day of climbing in Vietnam.  It was warm again and nice to be out climbing on our last day. 

We warmed up on a 6a I had done before with Urs.  Anja was still excited from trying Windchime of the Ants and was gunning for the red point.  It was a little struggle but Anja went for it and was successful getting the red point.

Red point – To complete a lead climb after making previous unsuccessful attempts, done without falling or resting on the rope.

I did not follow Anja up Windchime as I was excited to try to on-sight Elephant Man 6c. 

On-sight - A clean ascent, with no prior practice or beta.


Tony had told me it was soft at the grade and regardless I was excited to try to onsite 6c for the first time. Elephant Man had a few hard pulls through a small rough but I got it done and completed it.


After Elephantman we top roped Fifty-fifty 7a.  We were warned by another climber that the start was painful and a hard with a bad fall potential.  I failed on this move but sent the rest while Anja floated through this move and hung tired on the crimps on the top.


Anja led Where the wild things aren't 6a+.  I was spent after three days of climbing and my body was just exhausted.


We walked up to the upper mantel to say hi to Tony, Adam, and Carla but lacked motivation and energy to climb more.


We headed out to our bikes at the Hive and found some other climbers there getting food.  Three Canadians and a woman who had gone to Cal Poly but I forgot here name.  We shared lunch with them and headed back to Cat Ba.  A few views from our motorbike rides to and from Cat Ba.


Yes look close that is two woman on a motorbike with a live chicken.


Yep, pretty sure that restaurant serves chicken, cat, and dog.


I loved some of these street signs.

In a funny small world event Tony ran into some people he knew from the bay area John and Mary and we got dinner with them.  They had gone to Stanford so of course knew Clint C who I have met a few times through my friend Alex C but of course knew Alex’s website (

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